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Afternoon on Ravanje Beach
Afternoon on Ravanje Beach
Podaca is one of the resort places on Makarska's riviera, a place which belongs to Gradac. Its neighbors are Zaostrog on west and Brist on east. The village was originally settled on the hillside of the Biokovo Mountain, then following the earthquake of 1962 people moved down to the sea. Now Podaca comprises of three parts: Ravanje (on east), Viskovića Vala (or simply Vala, in the middle) and Kapeč (separated from these two, on west).

Each of the settlement parts has their own beaches - and all of these beaches are natural, gravel covered ones. Ravanje Beach and Vala Beach are separated from one another by a cape reaching the sea. Vala Beach and Kapeč are separated by a long, thin coastline, partly paved. This section is eventually used by naturist bathers.

The most equipped and largest capacity accommodation option of Podaca used to be Hotel Morenia - a resort hotel in Kapeč. The facility is now out of work, waiting for its new owner. What are offered for guests are the numerous private apartments and rooms for rent - a typical accommodation option all along Croatia's Adriatic coast. Then, Podaca has its camp, too - Camp Uvala Borova is located in Kapeč, by the hotel complex.

The basic daily needs are locally available in the grocery, bakery and greengrocer's stands. Restaurants are found by Ravanje Beach and Vala Beach and also by the main road, the Magistrala.

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Podaca's view from west - Viskovića Vala
Podaca's view from west - Viskovića Vala

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